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Same Day / Daily Transcription Services

We have over 30 years' experience in the field of legal transcription.  We are one of the country's top providers of high quality same day trancripts, with the completed transcript sent to the parties electronically within 2-3 hours after adjournment each day.


This service can be provided in English language proceedings (or foreign language with an interpreter present) both in the UK and Europe.

If you would like a quote for our same day / daily transcription service, please fill out the information below. We will send you a reply as soon as possible.

For detailed breakdown of our daily transcription service, please see below the form.

Why Choose JLVR?

At JLVR we have considerable experience, some of the best transcribers in the business and offer this specialist service at a competitive rate.   

  • JLVR has been providing daily transcripts to the legal community for 30 years, having been established in 1988.

  • Our accuracy and speed of delivery is excellent, having some of the best transcribers in the business.

  • We can offer competitive rates, requiring only one team member to be in Court.

What you Receive

You will be provided a verbatim transcript of your hearing 2-3 hours after the end of your case.

You, your team (and the Judge) will receive an email containing:

  • A four-pages-to-a-page PDF, 

  • A word version for ease of copying , and

  • A word index.


We can attend in any location in the UK or internationally. In the past we have provided daily transcript services in London, Belfast, Aberdeen, to locations such as Gibraltar, Switzerland, Italy and even the Caribbean. Our map below shows how flexible we are with providing our services to our clients.

A list of notable cases we have provided Daily Transcription for:
  • Relatively recently we have been involved with the civil litigation in Rathband v The Chief Constable of Northumbria Constabulary stemming from the 2010 police manhunt of Raoul Moat.


  • The inquest held by Wiltshire Coroner, David Masters was one of the longest inquests held in England. We provided transcripts of the 64 days of evidence in the second inquest 51 years after 20 year old Ronald Maddison died of nerve gas in 1953.  The first inquest was held behind closed doors for reasons of national security in 1953.


  • The Ocean Odyssey Fatal Accident Inquiry which ran for 122 days from June 1990 into 1991 and held in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen is the longest running transcript we have delivered and one of the longest inquiries held in Scotland.


  • We also provided the full transcript for the Strangeways Inquiry which took place in initially in Liverpool, moving to Taunton and then finally, London and was a significantly long matter headed by Lord Woolf.


  • The A3 and A27 inquiries held in southern England took evidence over many days. In the case of the A3 road tunnel inquiry this led directly to the building of Britain’s longest road tunnel which is over a mile in length.


  • John Larking Verbatim Reporters were involved in the long running MMR litigation which took place at the Royal Courts of Justice over several years.


  • Other similar medical litigation we were involved with were the FAC Group Litigation and Blood Products Litigation.


There are very few types of subject matter we have not dealt with in court. Examples of the subject matters have included: Commercial Law, Judicial Review, Taxation/VAT, Medical Negligence, Football, Finance/Banks, Patents, Aerospace, Property Law, Trade Unions, Marine Law, Bankruptcy, Wayleave, Inquests and many others.

The Legal Juristications we have provided Daily Transcription for:
  • High Court (all Divisions)

  • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

  • Court of Appeal for Gibraltar

  • The Supreme Court of Judicature

  • House of Lords Judicial Committee

  • Privy Council Judicial Committee

  • Eastern Carribbean Supreme Court

  • The County Court

  • First Tier Tribunal (Tax Chamber)

  • Arbitration

  • Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

  • Employment Tribunal


If you would like a quote or any further information, please fill out the form above, or email us at

Thank you! Message sent.

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