We are an experienced company in this field having over a number of years provided a confidential transcription service for many meetings whether recorded by audio or by video.

Should your company be in a position that it wishes to hold a meeting and you need an accurate record of what took place then we can provide an accurate transcript for you.

Our transcripts are produced by professional legal transcribers and you can have confidence that they will be accurate assuming a good recording.

There are two ways that our service can be provided:


  1. You send us your audio recording of your meeting and we will provide a transcription. Ideally your recording device should be placed between those people who speak to obtain a better record.  If it is a meeting at which a larger number of people may be present with multiple speakers then our option 2 would likely be the better option to arrange.


  1. We attend at your venue with our own professional recording equipment whilst at the same time we make a continuous record of who is speaking at the time. If you can provide a list of attendees this assists in enabling us to accurately transcribe what has been said and attribute the words according to the correct speaker.


This service can be tailored to your specific requirements and is available on the same day or after the event depending on your requirements.   We can attend in many parts of the United Kingdom.   We are happy to sign an NDA as part of our service if it is a private meeting as required.

Please contact us prior to your meetings so we can give you an idea as to cost and advice on what type of audio equipment would suite your specific requirements if you arrange to record it yourself.


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