Please note that the Tape Transcription Panel came to an end on 29th June 2017. A new system has started from 30th June 2017 with a reduced number of major suppliers.

Under the new system, in order to request a transcript of a civil/family court hearing you will need to complete the new 9-page EX107 Form, and tick the box for one of the six new suppliers.

You can download the form here:

EX107 Form

Once you have completed the new EX107 Form, please send a copy to the court where the hearing took place (court contact details available here), and send a copy to your chosen transcriber firm.

Once you have submitted the EX107 Form to the court, the court will process your request and send your chosen transcriber the recording for the transcription. How long this takes depends on the court.

Although we are not currently on the tape transcription panel, we can offer more specialised services including daily transcription services (we attend court and provide a transcript within 2-3 hours of its conclusion) as well as transcribing police interviews, meetings, bodycams and much more. Feel free to contact us with any queries.