Transcription of Police Interviews: We can provide transcription of police interviews recorded onto DVD, audio cassette tape or VHS video cassette tape. We are retained by a number of County Councils for confidential transcription of police interviews, particularly those concerning family and child matters. We can also provide confidential duplication of police interviews where required.

Transcription of Arbitrations: We can provide a daily or standard transcription service for Arbitration Hearings. Our dedicated transcribers are available for hearings taking place anywhere in Europe.

Transcription of Hearings and Meetings: We can provide staff to record and/or video hearings and meetings. A transcript can be prepared after the event if required. An expedite service is also available if required.

Additional Services: We are also available to provide duplication services (audio, VHS Tape or DVD), Real-Time reporting, attendance at court to record proceedings in the UK, and to provide transcriptions for disciplinary hearings and coroner’s hearings.


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