We provide specialist transcription and videography services in the following areas:

Daily Transcripts

Depositions (including Video Depositions)

Scotland: Shorthand Writing Services (via our Sister Company ‘Larking Hodge Pollock’)

Other Services


Daily Transcription Services

We specialise in providing daily transcription services for court and private arbitration hearings. We have particular experience in providing regular daily transcripts in the High Court and Court of Appeal (Civil Division) at the Royal Courts of Justice. We have also provided daily transcripts at the International Dispute Resolution Centre in Fleet Street, London, the Supreme Court, House of Lords, Privy Council, the Patent County Court and the European Patent Court.

Deposition Services

Depositions: Our dedicated stenographers are available to provide transcripts of depositions. Transcripts are provided on US Quarto paper, line numbered 1-25, compressed format (4 pages to a page) and can be sent by FedEx and emailed.

Video Depositions: We offer a range of videography services. We specialise in providing our own professional videographers and high quality video recording equipment for a range of appointments including depositions, meetings and interviews. We also cover Evidence on Commission where, for example, a person is unable to attend court because they are terminally ill. Our expert videographers are legally knowledgeable and regularly cover sensitive and highly confidential matters. We are available to provide videography “on location” to suit your requirements across the UK and Europe. We are regularly instructed to cover appointments across London in Solicitors’ offices and barristers’ chambers at competitive prices. Where required we can also provide a transcript, DVD’s or NTSC Video Tapes compatible with US playback.


Other Services

Transcription of Police Interviews: We can provide transcription of police interviews recorded onto DVD, audio cassette tape or VHS video cassette tape. We are retained by a number of County Councils for confidential transcription of police interviews, particularly those concerning family and child matters. We can also provide confidential duplication of police interviews where required.

Transcription of Arbitrations: We can provide a daily or standard transcription service for Arbitration Hearings. Our dedicated transcribers are available for hearings taking place anywhere in Europe.

Transcription of Hearings and Meetings: We can provide staff to record and/or video hearings and meetings. A transcript can be prepared after the event if required. An expedite service is also available if required.

Additional Services: We are also available to provide duplication services (audio, VHS Tape or DVD), Real-Time reporting, attendance at court to record proceedings in the UK, and to provide transcriptions for disciplinary hearings and coroner’s hearings.